Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Beach Hike Photos (two)

The continuation of my last post (beach hike photos one)!
Location: Central California Coast
Time: Toward evening
Event: Hike
Time: Dec 2010 - Feb 2011

Can you tell I like sunsets? lol.
This one's nice, even if it does have oil rigs in it.

Just figured out how to make my watermarks trasparent! :-D


  1. That's really really good, bud. I like'em a lot :) Keep up the pretty work.

  2. Wow those look sooooooooo beautiful, I especially love the third one from the top mostly because of all the different colors in the sky, or maybe just because I like sunsets too. :)

  3. Ooooh I like the 1st 3rd 4th and 5th :D

  4. Woops, I'm sorry..didn't know you had a photo blog! Anyways, aw, sorry about your hand..but, thank YOU for visiting my photo blog! It means alot every time someone comments...inspires me to keep going!

    Love your pictures here..aren't sunsets fun? Keep up the good work!


  5. Your welcome! I like comments immensely myself. ;-)

  6. Beautiful. The sunset looks like an Indiana one. reminds me of home, just the way it's so yellow with all the clouds. ;)
    Thanks for sharing!


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