Wednesday, June 29, 2011

New Poll

 This entry is to notify you that I opened a new Poll titled "How would you rate my photography?" on my sidebar. :-)
A nice addition as well is the entry rating system I now have per post. Voting is greatly appreciated! :-D

Friday, June 24, 2011

Fire 2 (and brown turned green)

I liked playing around with my last fire picture, so I decided to post two more. They aren't nearly as good, but I like them all the same, it is so difficult to get the shots right! I must of taken a dozen pictures of the same camp fire to get these ones.

The flames on this one are pretty awesome. My watermark isn't perfect, but I liked the positioning of the text. :-D

I actually did not try to stick the watermark in there, and I kinda messed it up, just ignore it. XD This shot had kinda long exposure.

I also thought I needed something more than just the above fire pictures. So, I took a pretty bad shot of the brown hills of California in the early-morning mist (shot from a moving vehicle), edited it like crazy (I changed the temperature, hehe), and boom! you have the below picture that looks like someplace wet and misty, lol.

Nice, 'eh?


Friday, June 17, 2011

Fire and Water

I decided to play with some pictures I took in Mexico back in 2009.  I think I did pretty good with my watermarks, what do you think? :-D


 A pool, lol

Same pool.

This shot wasn't in focus at all, I tried to obviously get a unique fire and flower shot, lol. I got the fire picture above right after this one. This is a controlled field burn down in Mexico.

Monday, June 6, 2011

Trees and a rose

I like flowers pictures some, but my favorites are roses. They are just plain better looking than most other ones. XD Except maybe orchids a few of those other ones, lol. Here are some leafy tree shots and the rose:

 I like the green in this shot ^

I was playing around with my watermark again, lol. ^

The Rose. ;-D Nice, 'eh?

BlogSpot has been giving me some grief. It picks and chooses which of my pictures it'll let me upload, lol, and I don't like it.