Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Away, away, off into the sky

Okay, no sky besides these pictures, but I will be going away, away off to someplace for awhile. lol. Hope to be back in a few months, but in case you get bored please visit my DeviantArt page below! I have more photos on there than I have posted here (minus some of the really old ones), and I'd love for you to stop by. :-)

This is a silhouette photo of my sister in a jacket looking towards a sunset.There really isn't much to it other than that I told her to look thataway and spread out her arms as shown. I like that pose. :-)

Anyway, here is the original size of that photo, and another set of shots I thought really cool:

Please view full size! ;-D

Hope you liked them, and see you in a few months!


  1. Ooooh I love them! I love the one of the bird! :D

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  3. These are lovely. I love the bird silhouette! What a beautiful sky, too. :)


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