Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Away, away, off into the sky

Okay, no sky besides these pictures, but I will be going away, away off to someplace for awhile. lol. Hope to be back in a few months, but in case you get bored please visit my DeviantArt page below! I have more photos on there than I have posted here (minus some of the really old ones), and I'd love for you to stop by. :-)

This is a silhouette photo of my sister in a jacket looking towards a sunset.There really isn't much to it other than that I told her to look thataway and spread out her arms as shown. I like that pose. :-)

Anyway, here is the original size of that photo, and another set of shots I thought really cool:

Please view full size! ;-D

Hope you liked them, and see you in a few months!

Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Celebrating 50 posts!

This here is my 51st post, so I'm going to write it celebrating my last entry "Trees" being my 50th! ;-D

I probably could/should post more often, but it seems editing my pics in batches is the easiest.

In other news, it is possible that I'll be gone for up to a month at a time in the upcoming seasons, so I'm notifying you that I will not be able to post at those times, and I do not know how many pictures I would be able to take.

Thank you all for for commenting and appreciating my photography, :-)

Tuesday, March 13, 2012


I really like trees. XD And sunsets combined with trees are even better!

These first two are similar to my last entry's "Twin Shadows" photo, but I call them "Look Into The Heavens" and "Twins Aglow", respectively.

Please view in full-size!

 These two are pretty cool and vivid. The one on the left could maybe make a good text border.

Same tree as the last two shots, yet different. Quite plain.

Two AWESOME silhouettes! My favorite photos in this entire entry.
 Decided to have some fun, lol. The top one is the original color.

 Same place, slightly different shots. Kind of randomly done and not very spectacular.

I hope you liked these photos! Which are your favorites? Why?

Monday, March 5, 2012

Gotta Love Sunsets

Sunsets are my favorite type of pictures! The lighting is just so warm and awesome. XD They are also not all that hard to take, if you time it right and your camera is halfway decent.

Isn't it interesting that when you look at a nice scene, your eyes are actually being selective? It is a good scene, but often it has objects in it that aren't as pretty - but your mind just ignores them and sees the beauty of it.
Not so with pictures. It is much easier to see the things that don't belong. :-/

Please click to view full size! :-D I love the grass in the foreground.

Now to the beach! Again, please view full size!(ignore the ppl in it :-P)

My sister and a friend of hers. These silhouette pics didn't turn out quite like we wanted, but oh well. *shrug*

So what do you think? What are your favorites? Why?