Tuesday, August 30, 2011

River 'n' Surfin'

Contrary to what the title may suggest, I have no picture of someone surfing on a river, lol. Just an ocean surfer and some more river pics. ;-D Enjoy!

The logo on this one above is weird, but I like the focus of the splash and the green. :-)

I like rapids! Too bad I didn't get some close up ones (would have if I had a waterproof camera).

It was fun standing in the river. This one didn't focus quite right.

I love the color in this shot! and the bubbly water.

I still have more river pictures coming, so stay tuned, and please comment! :-D

Sunday, August 21, 2011

Beaches: in day and dusk

Beaches! Beaches are so nice and varied, you can get all sorts of shots when your there - depending on the time of day. Here are some pictures I've been wanting to share here for awhile, though they aren't exactly new because I don't get down there on a good day often. Enjoy and please comment!

I like this one a lot! :-D

Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Sky and a little Sand

Hey all, decided to post some sky pics! They aren't the best though so I'd be glad of your opinions. ;-D Btw, I may not be around for a little while, so if you don't see a post in 5-7 days I went someplace (and hopefully is taking pictures). Enjoy and have a good week!

This one's my fav ^

Next time I'll be having some beach pictures, so here's a taste! lol :-D

Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Rivers and Flowers and Faces (oh my!)

Hey all! I've been in the picture taking and processing mood for the last week (but didn't get to those River pics till today, so the Beaches will be for next entry) and now you get to finally see them here! (yes....I've been neglecting this blog a bit and posting most of it on DeviantART)
Here are a few of my River pics first:

I call this one "I'm Sinking!" - lol

This I call "Not the best shot in the world" :P

This one's one of my favs. :-D

The water was definitely clear. :-)

There's a story behind the shots of this flower. ;-D

The story is that I took them while I was weeding - I just happened to see an oddly beautiful weed that I thought would make a good photo - So I took the camera, set it to macro, and took a few quick shots before throwing the weed away. :-) Amazing all 3 shots I took are pretty decent and I was even able to see my preview screen, lol.

He was being funny. XD This was his pose for me.

This shot wasn't posed for, but it's the better of the two in my opinion. ;-D

Wow, that was long, 'eh?

Thursday, August 4, 2011

The Answer

Not in a million years would I have ever thought an object as simple to recognize as this would take so long to guess! Sure, there are a few different types and styles of it, but it should have been pretty easy. So you want to know what it is, eh? Well it is a........

Solar Panel!

Yup! That's right, a solar panel. One of those big (usually blue) sets of hundreds of small sun-grabbing tiles (see, there's your tiles) that turn solar energy into electricity.

See here is the same type of tile --->

And here is the positioning of the panel that I had taken a picture of.

You guys like this guessing game any? 'Cause I thought it was pretty fun.