Saturday, June 30, 2012


While I was away I sure took a lot of photos. Were they all pro shots? No. In fact a lot where just regular so-so stuff you'd take on a mediocre vacation. :-\
Now, did I get some pretty decent shots? Yeah, though some styles are a bit repetitive, like food and plants, haha. But that makes sense since I was working on a farm (CSA).
Did I manage to get a few amazing shots? You bet I did! Most are macro, but that's okay - it's what my camera is best at.
I hope in the future to borrow a few various cameras that some of my friends have (Rebel XT, Mid-class Nikon, etc) to take some varying shots, like better portraits for example. I will, though, have to ask the people I take photos of if I can post the end products. lol.

How has everyone else been? Busy? Hopefully plenty of photos? Please do tell!
I hope to be adding photos soon, though. Maybe even some unedited stuff, as I plan to go back where I was working in a short while - however I will have access then to some editing power. XD Slow upload time, unfortunately. :-\