Friday, February 17, 2012


This is more of an introductory entry for the topic of Film rather than just one single one about film, I have more shots in film that need to be developed as I speak and I hope to have several more in the upcoming few weeks.
For these pictures here (and some I haven't finished with yet) I used a 200-speed roll of film (in my Minolta X-370 camera). For those unfamiliar with film, the number for the film-speed is equivelent to the ISO - or it's sensitivity to light.
Years back (or so they say) when film was the standard in photography, 200 and 400 speed film were the standard. 200 is less sensitive to light, and will often be darker if a longer exposure or adequate lighting is not used, 400 can take shots in the shade as well as capture some movement, and 800 (more rare 20 yrs ago) can do fast action and long zoom situations.

Anyway, here are all the non-portrait photos I took with this roll. I don't have permission from the model (my sister) to post the one's I did of her here yet.


This one is a tad dark, but it is one of my favorites.  


 An amazing shot, if I do say so myself. ;-D

Sort of a random shot, I guess....I call it "You Will Never be Forgotten".

High Key pink flowers! Perfect for this last holiday, yes?

Non-high key version.

Another shot of the blossoms. :-)

 Blue Jay! Well actually it's a "Shrub Jay" but it's a Jay and it's Blue, so yeah.

Another shot of a Jay (please click to view full size).

I hope you all liked them! I did pretty good with my first roll of film ever, don't you think?


  1. These are awesome! I actually like them better than any of your digital work!

  2. I love the flowers!! :) Though...did you edit some of these?..just wondering...

  3. Great work with the X-370 and I'm glad you took a moment to stop by my site. ^_^. It certainly is an interesting beast. What kind of film did you use, I saw you used 200 speed but just curious as to what make.

    I'm glad that you are discovering the joy of shooting film. :-) Explore the great world of slide film, Kodak Ektachrome film is nice and comes in 100 or 200, also try Kodak Porta.

    Good luck and look forward to seeing more!

  4. Can you email me at I wanted to talk to. You about the use of the x370 image.


  5. Really cool pictures! You are a very good photographer

  6. Well, those are some pretty nice shots! I like the flower ones; those are really nice. :) I like the squirrel one; it's nice!


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