Tuesday, March 13, 2012


I really like trees. XD And sunsets combined with trees are even better!

These first two are similar to my last entry's "Twin Shadows" photo, but I call them "Look Into The Heavens" and "Twins Aglow", respectively.

Please view in full-size!

 These two are pretty cool and vivid. The one on the left could maybe make a good text border.

Same tree as the last two shots, yet different. Quite plain.

Two AWESOME silhouettes! My favorite photos in this entire entry.
 Decided to have some fun, lol. The top one is the original color.

 Same place, slightly different shots. Kind of randomly done and not very spectacular.

I hope you liked these photos! Which are your favorites? Why?


  1. Really nice! Definitely like the first 2. Sort of transports me to another place just over the horizon.

  2. Wow those are just awesome!!! I love the first two and then pictures 6 and 7!! The sun is just really nice in those!!!! :D

  3. Very nice shots. I like the first one quite a bit. And I think you did the silhouette one pretty well! They are really fantastic. :)



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