Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Rivers and Flowers and Faces (oh my!)

Hey all! I've been in the picture taking and processing mood for the last week (but didn't get to those River pics till today, so the Beaches will be for next entry) and now you get to finally see them here! (yes....I've been neglecting this blog a bit and posting most of it on DeviantART)
Here are a few of my River pics first:

I call this one "I'm Sinking!" - lol

This I call "Not the best shot in the world" :P

This one's one of my favs. :-D

The water was definitely clear. :-)

There's a story behind the shots of this flower. ;-D

The story is that I took them while I was weeding - I just happened to see an oddly beautiful weed that I thought would make a good photo - So I took the camera, set it to macro, and took a few quick shots before throwing the weed away. :-) Amazing all 3 shots I took are pretty decent and I was even able to see my preview screen, lol.

He was being funny. XD This was his pose for me.

This shot wasn't posed for, but it's the better of the two in my opinion. ;-D

Wow, that was long, 'eh?


  1. Wow....I love the river pictures! Water pictures are my favs! :D The flowers are pretty nice too! (:

  2. Very good! I love rivers and photos of them. :)
    Very cute photos of the boys too!

  3. Oh, all that water makes me want to go swimming. :) I love the perspective on the first picture. How did you take that without getting your camera wet? Or did you? :P

  4. No, I didn't get it wet - it's actually farther away than I've seen other people take ocean wave shots (amazing, I know), but I made sure not to get it wet, and it was pointing a little downwards so it just looks like its closer. ;-D

  5. *interesting question and conversation on getting cameras wet* :)

  6. 'eh Rachel? Have you gotten yours wet?


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