Sunday, July 3, 2011

Behind The Edit - Brown turned Green

I like posting the original pictures to ones I edit out of recognition, lol. Scroll down two posts and compare this original with my edited version!

Doesn't look all too horrible, but it's definitely Brown turned Green, 'eh? XD


  1. Hmm I like both the original and this one :)

  2. Wait... I'm confused. Is this the edited version or is it the other one. Whichever one it is I like this one better. It looks more natural to me.

  3. Rotfl, you two! THIS is the ORIGINAL unedited version. The other one I edited to make it look green, hence the name Brown turned Green that I gave it.

    It is more natural I suppose.

  4. Very nice photo! reminds me of Pride+Prejudice. :)


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