Friday, July 29, 2011

New logo and a pic for you to guess at

Hey all! I have my butterfly pictures as a Facebook and DeviantART exclusive but I decided to post my new-and-improved butterfly photo. ;-D

I also posted a picture I want you guys to guess as to what it is! So please comment!
Both the butterfly and the next one have my NEW style of logo on them.


 Can you guess what this is?

P.S. PLEASE go back through my entries and vote on how Good or Excellent they were!! Thank you. ;-)



  1. I like the butterfly... :D the last pic....I know what it is...but that's only 'cause you posted it on FB :D so I wont say :D

  2. Very good on the butterfly photo. :) Very good eye there.
    No idear about the last photo... something with some cool lines on it? :-)

  3. Haha! I am surprised at you guys! I thought it'd be easy. XD

    WHAT!? Only 2 OKs?? D:

  4. It's a tile floor that's been turned into a negative.
    I like the butterflies pics too.

  5. Yet it's not a tile floor. hehe. Nor a table. ;-)


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