Friday, November 4, 2011


I had the great opertunity to pick grapes this last week! Wine grapes to say the least, one's that make $30 bottles of wine! XD (though I do understand most of the cost is the bottle itself...)
They tasted better than I thought they would, but that may be just because they left them on the vines as late as they could to get the sugar content up (it's the sugar that ferments to make wine).

Very fun indeed. Here's some pics!

Trio Cluster!

This one has a cool glowing feel to it. I hope to edit this into something awesome.

Two shots. One is a bit better than the other, which do you like better?


  1. Oooooh...I loove pictures three and four! Are you sure you don't have a good camera???? It looks so professional! :O

  2. It has it's good areas, but the brightness it didn't like much, and it has focus problems sometimes.
    But all in all, it's a pretty decent camera, just not as good as yours. ;-D

  3. Great photos! Ha, don't worry about not having a good camera..welcome to the club. ;) But, as they say, "Good cameras don't make good photographers, just as good ovens don't make good bakers." :) I think these photos look great!


  4. They are really good. ;) [I already told you that tho!] I like the up close one of the cluster; it's really good. :)
    thanks for sharing!


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