Monday, December 19, 2011


I decided to do multiple edits of some clouds (influence: Amy's edits). I don't like things as edited as she does, but I need to practice going-out-of-the-box with my edits....and it's really hard for me, lol. I'll see what I can do with some of the river pics I have.

Near-original (slight contrast and noise removal)

Temperature drop (not far. With noise-removal)

High-contrast (with noise-removal)

Temperature raised to the high mid-range (also used noise-removal)

SUPER contrast with earth tone filter and a tiny amount of noise removal

Overall scene (contrast, saturation, noise removal)

You can tell I like noise removal, though sometimes it doesn't do much.


  1. I like that second one! Yeah, I do over edit a bit sometimes, but usually, if it's on people I just do a clean edit. Thanks for mentioning me! And yes, your other comment went through --- I just hadn't published it yet. Sorry!

    I think PSE costs 70 dollars if you buy it from Adobe, but we got ours from Amazon with a rebate and a giftcard for 40. Someday I'd love to own the real photoshop, but right now 1000 is a bit too much for me to pay. :-p

  2. You can get a student version of PS Extended (Same thing, just cheaper for students) through for I believe about $200. Great deal!

    I like the super contrast one the best.


  3. I actually like the high-temp one best

  4. Well, you could join the unofficial challenge if you'd like! :-D Today I did the documentation of my day. lots of fun, but harder than I thought. Will post about it soon..

    No, I don't know Zachary, but I have seen the Academic Superstore though. It's definitely a link I'm saving!

  5. Thanks for the comment!

    I suppose you do the capitals and states in 4th grade too, but this year in geography we're covering the whole world, so they just did North america again. It's good review. :-D

    Yeah, my grandparents gave it to me a few years ago. I'd like to use it more, but I sometimes have problems getting it to work with pse.... I need to figure out what's wrong.

    Actually, I think the camera does have the grid feature, but I forgot it was on there. Thanks for the reminder! I did straighten it while editing, but decided I liked it crooked better.... I tend to like diagonal lines a lot. It tends to get more critique that way, but I'll just call it my style. :-D

    You should try this too -- taking a photo each hour. I'd love to see them!


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