Friday, December 23, 2011

Water Droplets

Some months ago my mom suggested I do some water droplets photos, so not long after that I found a plant at a friend's place and put water on it - then took pictures. I picked the plant because it was impervious to water, water just slid off of it, so it made pretty good droplets if you could get any water to stay on it.
I will have to have a go at this again sometime as I didn't get enough good shots, but here's what I do have, starting with the best, lol:

The best shot ^

This one was just so weird with how many different focal depths of droplets there were, it kinda hurts the eyes. This top one here is the higher-contrast and saturated one, that's cropped.

 And this one is closer to the original.

This picture turned out quite well in terms of the leaf and the colors, but the large droplet that I wanted in focus....was not. This above picture is using an "Earth Tone" filter.

And this shot was edited with a "Night Effect" filter. Which do you like best?

In other news, I'm over being sick, so I should be able to post more (I've got some more edits - of flowers - coming soon), and I changed this site's "Favicon" to the GT shown at right. ---->>
The favicon is what shows up at the top next to the URL and hotlinks to my page.
They're actually pretty fun to make, and I have a custom one for each of my blogs on blogspot here. If you guys would like one, just ask! :-D


  1. Those look really cool! You're doing a good job! :)

  2. I love water droplets. They're always so beautiful. I'd have to say the first is my favorite. Love the focus.

    Wow, that's quite the art -- never done anything like that! I've mostly used it in editing, as you have more control than with a mouse, but I'd love to do graphics too.

    Documenting the week sounds great too! Looking forward to some shots! :-D

  3. Those are really nice! I love water-droplet photos, and those are really nice. :) The first one is awesome, and clear. I like the one you said 'hurts the eyes' to look at; it is very intriguing. I was wondering if you knew the name of the plant? that is really neat that you found that plant and used it; very creative! :)
    thanks for sharing, Garrett.

  4. I don't know the name of the plant, but I'm sure it was of the Nightshade family by the style (like gypsy-weed, tomatoes, and potatoes), but I could be mistaken. I'd have to ask to be sure. :-)

  5. I love water droplet photos! I got your inquiry about the edit me challenge, and we are starting back up tomorrow. You can download the photo to edit on my blog tonight, though! I look foreward to seeing what you do with it! :)


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