Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Polls (forgot one)

So far the polls (which have only been up for a few days, lol) show that at least 2 people would like to see a post here about once a week. ;-)
Unfortunately, I forgot to add the most likely time, lol, which is "Once Every Two Weeks". So I re-did the poll. :-\
I may post some things once a week if I get a lot of feedback, otherwise probably just once every two weeks untill I run out of pictures, lol, so if you want to see more, provide feedback!



  1. Hey it's look cool :) I love it ! :D

  2. Awesomeness Chovash!!!!! I didn't know you had a blog. Nice!!!

  3. Well, technically it's not a "blog", well, it is, but I don't post really anything but pictures. (Now, my other page I have, I post questions on that so I can figure this blogspot thing out! lol)

    I'm not sure when I'd get a blog that I posted other stuff on.


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