Saturday, February 26, 2011

Face shots

Took some head shots of some random kids I know with my camera's full 16x zoom and did just a little touching up with the brightness.

They're obviously grainy but I thought they looked pretty cool. XD Especially as they had no idea I was taking pictures of them, lol. Please comment!

P.S. Still not sure if I should have these face pictures on here.....


  1. Thanks guys! Which ones were ya'lls favs? lol.

  2. Very cute,

    I like your blog background. :)

    Quad(using ruby's profile)

  3. I like the first two pics. The way the light is on the little girl’s hair is so cool. And it’s always cool when you can take a picture of someone when they don't know about it. :)

  4. Kool! Love the pics of the little girl!

  5. I like the 2nd one, the light on her hair is pretty, and her expression is kind of blank-but-thoughtful-at-the-same-time (;

  6. The 3rd one is my personal fav, lol.


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