Monday, March 7, 2011

Recent Hike Photos!

I went to my sister's friend's birthday party yesterday and we went for a short hike up to a waterfall. Here's some shots I got (didn't get much of the falls, too misty for my camera lens). I'm still playing with my watermarking so they are a tad too dark.

Click on them to view larger!
One of my favs.
Though this one has a nice little wall in it.

I like the small waterfall in this one.

That smudge is on the camera. :-P
The most interesting Subway I've seen. XD

The last two are from later in the day when we went to a culturally Danish town nearby. This set of pics is real cool because I really had very little time to take these shots and they turned out awesome!
Please comment!

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  1. Nice pictures! Kinda gloomy though. Although that was probably the clouds that day.

  2. Yeah. They would have been so cool if it was sunny with a blue sky. It was actually sprinkling the whole time and only wasn't wet under the trees.

    My pic of my friend's brother still turned out pretty good though, even if he isn't necessarily in focus. lol.

  3. Cool pics, I like the fifth one best, though the waterfall is cool.

  4. They're all pretty good in there own way, I like the rock placement in #5 best out of them all. It is cool how I did em without really thinking about it though, next time I should spend more time on it maybe. lol.

    So you like my Name/URL option now, 'eh? Haha.

  5. Cool photos! I like them all :D

  6. I like it how the trees lean to the side and moss covers everything... it was a pretty place :D

  7. I like all the pictures, they are very good. But I'm going to be the odd ball and say that the Subway pictuere is my fav... hehehe. Subway rocks! :P

  8. LoL! Yeah, Subway is pretty cool. I liked the architecture on this one is why I took the pic. XD

  9. Wow those are so cool. I love the sixth one and how the trees are all bent over like that; it makes it look like you’re under a canopy or something. And I have to agree that that is the coolest Subway I’ve ever seen. Oh and i wouldn't worry too much about taking the time to make the pictures look better, sometimes the best pictures are taken by accident. :)

  10. *Agrees with Ruby* Some of the best pictures ARE taken by accident!

    My favorite is the 4th one, with no sign of people. Very peaceful-looking =)


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