Friday, June 17, 2011

Fire and Water

I decided to play with some pictures I took in Mexico back in 2009.  I think I did pretty good with my watermarks, what do you think? :-D


 A pool, lol

Same pool.

This shot wasn't in focus at all, I tried to obviously get a unique fire and flower shot, lol. I got the fire picture above right after this one. This is a controlled field burn down in Mexico.


  1. Wow the fire looks really cool! I think I'll try to take some shots of fire at FOT...haven't yet gotten any.

  2. The first 2 shots are amazing. The watermark is awesome too.

  3. On the second shot I was like "are those actual killer whale?... Sweet!" but then I realized that it was just painted on. Oh well. The water mark is looking cool.

  4. Lol Nava! The art on the walls had those as well as sharks, and even a cartoon character that was supposed to resemble Jonah. ;-D

    It's not easy to take fire-shots, Jenna! I have only maybe one good campfire picture out of all the ones I've ever tried to take, lol.

  5. Very cool pictures, I think my favorite is fire one at the top. Nice work!


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