Friday, June 24, 2011

Fire 2 (and brown turned green)

I liked playing around with my last fire picture, so I decided to post two more. They aren't nearly as good, but I like them all the same, it is so difficult to get the shots right! I must of taken a dozen pictures of the same camp fire to get these ones.

The flames on this one are pretty awesome. My watermark isn't perfect, but I liked the positioning of the text. :-D

I actually did not try to stick the watermark in there, and I kinda messed it up, just ignore it. XD This shot had kinda long exposure.

I also thought I needed something more than just the above fire pictures. So, I took a pretty bad shot of the brown hills of California in the early-morning mist (shot from a moving vehicle), edited it like crazy (I changed the temperature, hehe), and boom! you have the below picture that looks like someplace wet and misty, lol.

Nice, 'eh?



  1. Nice nice nice! The watermark on the second photo looks kinda cool!

  2. On the 2nd one?? 0.0 If you say

  3. Nice, I like the two fire pics. Btw, it's cool how you got the rating system thing at the bottom. :)

  4. Yeah. I found that setting deep in my design stats.

  5. I know how hard it is to take fire pictures, and I must say that those are awesome! Its especially cool because you can see the ocean in the background. Nice! Oh and the last ones great too, I wouldn't have guessed that you were in a moving vehicle when you took it. Very Cool.


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