Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Mini Flowers and an Edit

Anyone remember the small orange flowers I posted last month? (Rivers and Flowers and Faces, oh my!) Well, something you may not know is that those flowers (and the ones from this post) are all smaller than a fingernail! Yeah,  hadn't thought to say that before, but my siblings didn't even know what size they were till I showed them in person and they were quite surprised by that fact, so I decided to say it in a post. ;-D
Another thing I'm up to is something I learned from Dakota's Nature Photos, which is to post less pictures per entry and post an entry more often. XD So no more many-picture posts with random subjects that make complex titles and hopefully posts more often! How's that sound?

Anyway, now for the flowers. They aren't the best focus (not sure why), but I decided to post them for the better qualities they have.
The 2nd and 3rd shots are exactly the same except I edited them differently and would like to know which of the two you like better! The rest are ones I had wished were better....with the first probably being the best.

I was actually doubting I'd get a decent shot of these purple flowers, but I did.

Shot Edit One

Edit Two. Which do you like better?

I like the focus on the flower for this one.

 I like the rocky background quite a lot. :-)

 The purple on this on was pretty cool. Click on it for full view!

 These were okay, but the focus wasn't working out on the center of the flower.

I hope you enjoyed these some. :-)



  1. Sounds good to me :) And I like the second one of the edited. The contrast is just so much better.

  2. I like the second better... Maybe it would help if you try to expose your pictures a little bit better in the first place though. Editing software isn't made to remake a picture - just to help it along. It would go a long way to get the colors right when you are there.

  3. They are about as exposed as I can make them, but yeah, I know they need a bit of work.
    The 2nd edit you say? That's the more-edited one.


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